Hi! We're Dreamcat.

We make interactive puzzle experiences that uniquely blend escape rooms, treasure hunts and video games.

Intrigued? Then we're going to get along very nicely.

Our puzzlehunts


OCTONET (2022)

Untangle a corporate conspiracy.

Dreamcatcher (2018)

The Machine thinks. But it needs dreams.

Our collaborations

Key of Dreams

The Key of Dreams (2024)

Upcoming theatre experience inspired by classic works of gothic and cosmic horror.


The Locksmith's Dream (2022-)

Puzzle design for an immersive theatre experience like no other.

Wishing Fish Clock

The Town that Knew Too Much (2021)

A secret message hidden in a podcast about the 1979 book Masquerade.


Want your event to be memorable? We'll run one of our puzzlehunts to fit in with your event. Find out more!

...Everyone had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Would highly recommend.

— Yee, Risilience (Cambridge)

Commissions and Partnerships

We don't just work alone. We'll work with you to design an experience that will knock guests' socks off.

Our approach: understand your audience, figure out what they find fun, do our own reading and research, and turn all of that into a series of puzzles that integrate seamlessly with the rest of your experience.

Not everybody is an expert at puzzles, so we always tailor experiences to complement the rest of the event, and ensure that they are fun for everyone in the audience, regardless of age or puzzling experience.

To find out more about our design process, head over to our blog, and have a look at our past collaborations.

Meet the team

Headshot of Sarah Binney

Sarah Binney

Chief Paperclip Duplicator

As a child, Sarah used to spend hours on end watching the clocks in John Lewis while her mum got the shopping done.

Some time later, having completed her dissertation on the history of horology, she moved on to electronic tinkering, creative writing and puzzle design.

She still thinks clocks are pretty neat, though.

Headshot of Michael Kearns

Michael Kearns

Director of Paperclip Counting

Since a young age Michael has been fascinated by puzzles, scribbling sprawling mazes on paper (and sometimes the walls).

He has since learnt to code, and keeps himself occupied building experiences — digital and physical — for people to enjoy.

Headshot of Catalin Ursachi

Catalin Ursachi

Principal Paperclip De-duplicator

Always fascinated by science, history, logic, and more generally anything which makes the world tick, Catalin started off with a degree in physics and a smattering of philosophy.

He then proceeded to channel his curiosity into the more practical pursuits of software engineering, project management, and puzzle design.

Get in touch

Interested in what we do? Drop us a line at hi@dreamcat.uk, we love to talk about puzzles!