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Science fiction

"The machine thinks.

"We trained it using huge volumes of data, taken from scans of normal brain activity. But it's too predictable, too rational; it lacks imagination, capriciousness, soul. For that, we need data from a different, much more subtle source.

"We need dreams."

— Professor Alia Gold

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Spend a fun day out exploring forgotten corners of Kentish Town.

Solve tough but rewarding puzzles. You'll need analytic skills, creativity, and perseverance to succeed.

You can't do this alone. Assemble a team who you trust to see this through to the bitter end.

Immerse yourself in a science fiction thriller which makes you the protagonist.

Confront questions of ethics, technology and identity. Be prepared to make a decision that may change the course of human history.

Do good while you're at it. All proceeds will go to Ashanti Development to improve the lives of people in rural Ghana with clean water and sanitation.

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Past events

Electromagnetic Field Festival 2018

I can’t recommend the Dream Catcher puzzle enough. You must play it if you’re at #emfcamp. Thank you @DreamCatcherEMF team for an amazing game!

Dr Sarah Wiseman, EMF 2018 attendee, on Twitter

Absolutely brilliant... both challenging and fun. The narrative was woven in perfectly with the puzzles... really made you feel like you were part of the story.

Kara, EMF 2018 attendee

Just completed @DreamcatcherEMF puzzle at #emfcamp and it was totally awesome, immersive AR / escape room / puzzle quest! Thanks for your superb efforts!

Laurence Watson, EMF 2018 attendee, on Twitter

A great story and the hunt was a lot of fun! ...One of my favourite things this weekend.

Nat, EMF 2018 attendee

And we're in! The @DreamcatcherEMF puzzle has been so much fun - 50% escape room, 50% CTF, 100% enjoyable. Thankyou so much for running this!

Ed Locard, EMF 2018 attendee, on Twitter

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